Sermon Debrief – Why Can’t I Be Married in Heaven?

How well do you remember this past weekend’s sermon? If you missed it, please click the video to watch. Then test your recall below!

  1. Which books of the Bible did the Sadducees consider authoritative?
  2. Earthly marriage is an imperfect copy of the Great Heavenly Marriage of …
  3. True or false: The doctrine of the resurrection is strictly a New Testament teaching.
  4. Jesus referred to what biblical event in His response to the Sadducees?
  5. Jesus said the Sadducees were wrong because they knew neither _______________ nor _____________________.

Answers are below!

Sermon Title Slides
  1. The Pentateuch: Genesis through Deuteronomy
  2. Christ and His Bride, the Church (His redeemed people)
  3. False; see Job 19:25, Daniel 12:2
  4. Moses and the burning bush from Exodus 3
  5. The Scriptures …. the power of God

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