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About the book: Did you know that you are in a battle every day? It’s the battle over your spirit. We have a very real adversary, Satan, who is constantly seeking to discourage us, lead us into despair, and crush our spirit. He attacks us with distortions of the truth, deceptions, and outright lies. He seeks to leverage the challenges of our lives to pull us away from God. But we have an ally who fights our battles with us and for us. Our Savior Jesus defeated the devil on the cross, and our Lord equips us with spiritual armor so that we can withstand the devil’s daily assaults on our heart and minds. Ephesians 6 teaches us about the spiritual weaponry God gives us, the Armor of God. God gives us His gifts in Jesus, gifts that include truth and peace. He arms us with Scripture and prayer. Each chapter of the book Equipped explores a different piece of the Armor of God using Scripture and illustrations to bring the main points home to you. The back of the book contains a Storehouse of Spiritual Weaponry, a collection of Bible verses grouped by topic to help with specific daily struggles.


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About the book: Does what you believe matter? In our society, some will say, “Not really. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe something, or as long as you’re sincere.” The Christian faith says something different. It says what you believe matters. Doctrine matters. Truth matters. What you believe determines your actions and, of utmost concern for Christians, your eternal destination. This book gives an overview of what Christians have believed for a long, long time and why those truths matter for us today. The book follows the structure of an ancient confession of faith, the Apostles’ Creed. The teachings of Christianity speak an enduring word to us, a word that often defies our feelings and transcends our circumstances. The teachings of the faith lift our sights from the here and now to the eternal perspective of what God has done for us and who He has made us to be. Does what you believe matter? Yes, it does. Very much.

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