Sermon Debrief – Does Jesus Think I’m Arrogant?

How well do you remember this past weekend’s sermon? Test your recall below! If you missed it, here’s the video recording.

  1. What did James and John request from Jesus?
  2. How did the other 10 disciples’ react to the request?
  3. On the cross, we see the glory of God’s perfect _______ and _______.
  4. Jesus said He came not to __________ but to ___________.
  5. In the story of the bricklayers, how did the third bricklayer view himself and his work?

Answers below!

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  1. To sit at His right and His left (Mark 10:36)
  2. They were indignant (Mark 10:41)
  3. Justice and love
  4. Not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45)
  5. He saw himself as a cathedral builder!

Coming tomorrow: The first of four posts based on the introduction to Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles. The book releases next week, Tuesday, March 16! For more on Equipped, click here.

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