What Christian Leaders Are Saying about Chaos at the Capitol

The storming of the Capitol yesterday was a terrible demonstration of anarchy. And it was a reminder that we need to pray for our nation. These are difficult times. We can trust the Lord to bring us through these tense days. We need His help to heal our divided nation.

I’m always curious to see how Christian leaders use their platforms to respond to crises. Here are some notable comments I’ve read about yesterday’s mayhem – followed by a prayer at the end of the post.

“Jesus, have mercy on your people. On me. On our nation. Only You are crowned Prince of Peace. Only You can bring us together through your blood. We are a mess without You. We humble ourselves before You. We need you, Jesus. He himself is our peace … Ephesians 2:14.” Louie Giglio

“Today’s political violence was a tragic illustration of what happens to a nation when it abandons God’s person, principles and policies. America is undergoing the passive wrath of God which takes place when His standards are compromised (Romans 1:18-32.) The result is chaos, conflict, and lawlessness. Only a radical return to God by His people will change this. The answer to saving America is not in the White House – it is in the church house.” Tony Evans

“The division in our country is as great as any time since the Civil War. I am calling on Christians to unite our hearts together in prayer for President-elect @JoeBiden and Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris, and for the leadership in both parties.” Franklin Graham

“I don’t know the Jesus some have paraded and waved around in the middle of this treachery today. They may be acting in the name of some other Jesus but that’s not Jesus of the Gospels.” Beth Moore

“The only way not to lose the battle for the soul of America is not to fight it. Give up on the holy war with only one winner and only one loser. Move toward the difficult work of mutual understanding in the face of differing world views.” Justin Rossow

Please pray with me:

Dear Lord, we are a divided nation. We repent of our collective failure to honor you in our words and deeds. Please rescue us from ourselves. Calm the anger. Curb the violence. Contain the rhetoric. Help each of us as citizens to do our part to set a positive example for others. We lift up our outgoing leaders, President Trump and Vice President Pence, and our incoming leaders, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. Grant wisdom to all who are in authority, especially to those in the center of the national spotlight. In the midst of chaos, work out Your well-ordered plan. Instill a spirit of peace. Increase our faith in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Published by Christopher Kennedy

Senior Pastor at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, School, and Child Care in San Antonio, Texas. Husband to my beloved Ashley. Dad to the four most wonderful children in the world.

4 thoughts on “What Christian Leaders Are Saying about Chaos at the Capitol

  1. Thank you for sharing this. The scenes from Washington yesterday were just heartbreaking and I am praying for Jesus to watch over and help heal our nation from all the decisiveness that has been plaguing our country for years! Blessings for you and your beautiful family! Lanetta


  2. As I understand it at this point, the mob was comprised of radicalized QAnon members which stormed the Capitol building. Trump beforehand had tweeted imploring that ALL at the protest be peaceful. I certainly believe that those who performed the seditious act at the Capitol building are held accountable for what they did.


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