Building Your Life on God’s Promises

Encouragement from this past weekend’s sermon:

The resurrection teaches us to build our lives on the promises of God. Instead of a backward-looking “I used to,” we’re given a forward-looking perspective: “He will.” He will raise me to new life. He will bring me into His eternal kingdom. He will include me with all the saints. He will give to me a glorious inheritance, heavenly treasures, a crown of righteousness. He will fulfill His Word to me.

You can build your life on “He will.” He will bring me through my trials. He will sustain me. He will strengthen me. He will uphold me. He will guide me.

“He will” is a statement not about us but all about Him. Our hope is not in ourselves – what we can or can’t do. Our hope is in God – what He has done in Christ, what is doing now, and what He will do according to His promises.

Here’s the sermon video:

Have a blessed week!

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