Jesus in Genesis

This painting hangs in the boys’ bedroom. It’s a Jack White original, a cherished gift from our friend Mikki. On the back, Mikki wrote lyrics from one of my favorite songs, The Lion and the Lamb.

The sermon today focused on a story from Genesis 48. That chapter leads into a chapter that contains a majestic prophecy of Jesus. If you’ve ever wondered where the term Lion of Judah comes from, this is it.

It’s funny. In looking through the 12 sons of Jacob, Judah doesn’t seem the most likely to be the forefather of the Messiah. Joseph was the favored son. Reuben was the firstborn. Levi became the priestly line. But the Messiah came from the tribe of Judah. God’s ways are often surprising.

When Jesus chose a new dozen, the 12 Disciples, He picked guys you might not expect to be on the Savior’s dream team: uneducated fishermen, a tax collector, a political zealot. Once again, God’s ways are surprising.

We can count ourselves among God’s surprises. You may consider yourself unworthy of God’s love. But surprise – He never stops loving you. You may count yourself out – out of luck, out of options, out of second chances. But surprise – God counts you in as His child. You may feel unqualified to share your faith. But God has chosen you and given you a testimony that bears witness to His saving grace.

Life is full of surprises. The ones that come from the hand of our heavenly Father are the best!

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